World’s first. The collaboration of dance, art, and technology!

In August 2021, ODORIBA CO., Ltd., the creative agency for dancers, produced NFT with dance performance art and sold it publicly with GEEK PICTURES INC in Japan. The dance performance art sold was the video footage containing a dance drawing created by a dancer, Miyu, from the ODORIBA CO., Ltd.

What is NFT?
NFT (non-fundible token) is a digital asset that solely exists on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. Unlike cryptocurrencies, NFT is non-replicable. Usually, NFTs can be associated with items, such as photos, videos, 3D models, audio, and much more of different digital files as unique items (analogous to a certificate of authenticity).

The fashion industry, as well as the entertainment industry, are still greatly affected by COVID-19. That came with no exception to Miyu, the dancer. Many dancers have also lost opportunities to express themselves in the usual ways they performed or worked. Of course, some dancers started online lessons over zoom or created a community within dancers to find their ways to live. Miyu, however, has interestingly challenged the collaboration of dance, art, and technology as a new business of dance performance, aiming to contribute to the possibility of new monetization for dancers whose activities are greatly restricted.

The recording took place in a white room. The film has captured Miyu with her unique dance steps adding the paints to the white canvas, which was the room itself. With paintings, there was only one chance to record that it became one and the only product in the world. As a dancer, she usually has many opportunities to express herself with her body and music, but it is not often that she gets the chance to combine her body with something different to create new art. This kind of collaboration was one of the steps to expand the artistic possibilities created by dance.

The status of a dancer as a profession is still relatively low, and in fact, some give up becoming a dancer for an unfortunate instability. However, dance has been a very known and popular activity recently. For example, breaking dance became one of the sports in the upcoming Paris Olympics in 2024, and many dance performances are going viral in TikTok. Lately, it has become much easier to create a new hot topic through social media. Art x Dance, NFT x Dance, NFT x Fashion, Fashion x etc…! Miyu might not be the only explorer, but you can also create something new! What would be your new something?

About work:
Specification: NTF movie art
Release date 8/10/2021-8/31/2021
Cost: Auction 0.5 ETH
Sales site: Open Sea (
Performance: Miyu
Producer: Reiko Araki (ODORIBA), Syota Gii (ODORIBA), Kengo Sugawara (GEEK PICTURES / PEEEK TV)
Work background: Created a dance performing work with the theme of the rainbow, which is a symbol of freedom and drawing by steps using paint.

About Miyu
Miyu was born on December 3, 1997 in Tokyo, Japan. She started dancing at the age of eight. As a kids dancer, she won many contests in a row on parade and has also been active on TV, appearing in “Star Draft Conference” and corporate commercials. In 2017, she and her teacher won the world’s most prestigious dance battle, “JUSTE DEBOUT 2017 WORLD FINAL,” in Paris, in the HOUSE category, and at the age of 19, she won the tile of the best in the world. She is a young house dancer who is active worldwide. She holds workshops across different countries, and occasionally, she is a judge for some dance battles. Her solid dance skills arise from her stoicism, her looks and fashion sense as a model, and her attitude of always challenging. With her positive power that attracts many people, she continues expanding her activities beyond the dance scene. Lately, her specialty, the “#fast step” dance video, has been viewed more than 2.3 million times on Instagram and is a hot topic on SNS.

Instagram: @miyudance_

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