About Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW):

Established in 2001, Vancouver Fashion Week is an organization that was created to support Canadian and International fashion designers, as well as the fashion industry itself. Founded by Producer Jamal Abdourahman, VFW owns and produces Fashion Week. Now in its 21st successful year, VFW continues to create ongoing partnerships and arrange the official calendar through commerce and relationships. The bi-annual event has garnered international respect and press from around the world

About Vancouver Kids Fashion Week (VKFW):

Established in 2016, Vancouver Kids Fashion Week is a one-day fashion event dedicated to celebrating designers who focus on children’s fashion and creativity. The ever-growing talent in this niche market was the inspiration driving the launch of this new platform; the ultimate goal to highlight children’s designers on an international scale.

About Global Fashion Collective:

GLOBAL FASHION COLLECTIVE (GFC), an expansion of Vancouver Fashion Week, is a platform specialising in supporting creative designers by establishing their presence around the world. Launched in October 2017, the collective is dynamic and liberating in that it produces exclusive runway showcases in diverse fashion capitals across the globe, with the aim to accelerate the designer’s global development, increasing their international media visibility and opening up new markets. Our mission is to put on exclusive runway showcases in fashion capitals around the world to promote the work of emerging designers and bring about a more inclusive and diverse industry.