Whether you like the minimal look, or are an artist whose canvas is your face, we have all tried tricks and fads to make our skin clear, our eyes bright, and our lips plump. We are delving into beauty tips from the past and here are some of our fave picks, plus some of the most outrageous, and what you can do instead(!)


Bette Davis – Petroleum Eyes 

If you’ve ever heard the Kim Carnes song (and if you haven’t go listen to it now) you may wonder what exactly “Bette Davis Eyes” are. The contentious actress, while not known for having the sharp cheekbones or petite nose of other famous starlets, was prized for her large and soulful doe eyes. Her trick? Cucumber slices and petroleum jelly under her eyes to combat dark circles and puffiness. Personally, I use petroleum jelly religiously under my eyes and on my eyelashes to keep them plump, but if you have sensitive skin or don’t want to go to sleep feeling greasy, sleep with an extra pillow to keep your head elevated and prevent blood from pooling around your eyes. This can affect a small change and make your morning eyes look brighter and less puffy.


Joan Crawford – Ice Bath

Crawford was one of those Hollywood stars who, when you watch their old movies, looks like their skin practically glows. While we may attribute this to the soft edges of old-school camera lenses, she had her own routine for youthful and glowing skin – the star splashed her face 25 times with ice water every morning. Don’t have time to incorporate this into your already long morning routine but still want that perfect skin? Opt for a cool facecloth instead, with the dual benefits of making your pores smaller, which will make it harder for makeup and dirt to get trapped in them, as well as tightening your skin over time and allowing toners and creams to hold better on your skin. There is probably no better way to feel awake in the morning than icy revenge on your hangover from last night.


Sophia Loren – Bathing in Oil

Smooth, glowing, baby-soft skin is something most ladies aspire to have. Forget beauty standards, but there are few things that feel better than just-out-of-the-shower-freshly-shaved-legs. That feeling can disappear as soon as it comes, but Sophia Loren knew how to keep her skin looking perfect: bathing with olive oil. Although it seems the kitchen is always making its way into our bathrooms with cucumber slices and coconut oil, it may be a step too far to coat our tubs in olive oil! Don’t risk a slippery accident and achieve the same effect by exfoliating your legs with a body scrub and moisturising while your skin is still damp (so it’s prepped to soak in the moisture). If you really want those film-ready legs, rubbing a small amount of real Argan oil on them before donning your favourite dress will keep them feeling soft and looking defined.

Through all these fads and tricks we try just so we can look picture perfect, the best beauty advice every woman should live by comes from my style icon, Audrey Hepburn: “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

Images via Wikipedia
1- Studio portrait of Bette Davis (1940)- Alexander Kahle for RKO Radio
2- Joan Crawford in 1928- George Grantham Bain collection at the Library of Congress
3- Publicity photo of Sophia Loren 1954

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