Meet The Designer: Jackson Lee

Backstage at VFW Fall/Winter 2022, the students of LaSalle College Vancouver get ready for the runway. We speak with Jackson Lee about the start of his love for fashion, and the meaning behind his showcase.

Photo reposted from @lasallevancouver on instagram

Jackson Lee is enrolled at LaSalle College, and showcased his designs this season alongside two other student designers. His most recent collection is entitled “Disaster Warfare”, and is inspired by his grandfather’s past, military fashion, and streetwear style.

What inspired your brand?

So, I was always in fashion, and I always saw the runways, so I was like, I feel like I can create my own style and my own stuff.  I’ve always liked to dress up since High School, I’ve always been artistic, and my parents were very supportive of what I wanted to do, and now it’s a brand.

What inspired this specific collection?

It was inspired by my grandpa.  He was in World War Two,  and he had very scary stories about the Japanese invasion, how it’d been bombed – he was a really big part of my life.  Now he’s passed away from Alzheimers, so I created this collection dedicated to him.

What’s your creative process like?

I just looked at a lot of old pictures from World War Two, or any military role.  Their silhouettes are very tailored but also very dirty, so I chose the color palette as very green, dark, black, but with my own twist. I made it more modern, and more tactical like streetwear.

What’s the vision of the future of your brand?

Well, I’ve always been into really futuristic stuff, so maybe I’ll try a bit of tailoring with futuristic approaches and make everything a little classical, so it’s really good for ready-to-wear and you can wear it everyday.

Thank you Jackson Lee for the peek into your runway! We are excited to see your brand emerge further into the Vancouver Fashion scene.

Jackson Lee’s designs can be found at, as well as on instagram @whojacksonlee. For more photos from LaSalle College Vancouver, find them at @lasallevancouver. Runway photos can be found at @vanfashionweek.

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