Local Artist of the Week: Flax Home’s Anna Heyd Shares Her Love for Linen

Anna Heyd takes us through her passion for the luxuriously comfortable natural fibre, which has grown into creating Vancouver’s go-to linen house – Flax Home. Flax Home is one of the only Canadian home brands which specializes in natural linen beddings and other home creations, emphasizing sustainability and ethical production practices. Read on for her entrepreneurial tale!


Introduce yourself!

My name is Anna Heyd, one of the co-founders of Flax Home. I have a Bachelor of Commerce and, prior to starting this business, I had spent my career in Hospitality managing restaurants and cafes in high end hotels.

 How did your brand begin?

I was looking for linen bedding for a new bed I had purchased in the summer of 2017.  I wanted to purchase from a Canadian company (ideally) and I have a very hard time finding anything in store or online.  That’s when I let Viv and Oana know I had an idea for a business we should start. By April 2018 we had launched our website and started making sales!

What is Flax Home?

Flax Home sells linen home goods.  Our anchor product is our 100% Linen Bedding.  We also carry linen robes, bath towels, napkins, tablecloths, etc.  Our products are designed and manufactured with the ethos of ‘Curated Comfort and Care’.  We carry a limited inventory of our products and keep our core colours classic, with seasonal pops of colour added in Spring and Fall (which we carry for a year, before retiring to make room for new colours).  We believe in making life a little more comfortable for everyone.  Sleep is a very important part of this and we think that linen can help everyone sleep a little bit better.

Any projects coming soon?

We have just launched our spring colours. We are very excited about these and the colours we are following up with this fall! We are also working on a redesign and new colours for our Bath Towels. We’ll continue to work on new product ideas and collaborations for 2023 and beyond.

Any tips for up and coming local artists?

Building a great team is just as (or more) important than having a great idea.  This business never would have started if I didn’t have Viv and Oana with me all along the way.  And the three of us never would have been able to grow it the way we have if we didn’t have amazing team members all around us that care for the brand as if it was their own.  And love linen just as much as we do!  

Instagram: @shopflaxhome

One of the many reasons we love linen is for its sustainable production practices.  It doesn’t require pesticides to grow and uses less water than cotton to process.  Because it is a natural fibre, it can break down with prolonged use.  And people love our bedding so much, they use it a lot.  Fitted sheets undergo the most friction during sleep and we know these need to be replaced more often.  Because of this, we have a project in the works to take these worn out fitted sheets back and give them a new life as alternative products.

Thank you Anna for the interview! It’s a pleasure to learn more about yourself, and of linen’s ability to curate a home that feels both beautiful and cozy.

Check out Flax Home’s linen creations at shopflaxhome.com, and stay updated through their instagram @shopflaxhome

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