Global Fashion Collective presented two runway shows at New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022, showcasing five international brands that embody the theme “New Classics.” This show puts the spotlight on designers that push boundaries, stay creative, and evolve with the ever-changing street style trends within the fashion industry. [UNUSUAL] began the showcases with streetwear that represented emotional development through the progression of youth. SAINTJESUS showed clean and casual garments that honoured the designer’s son and her home country. Next up, CARLTON JONES presented a fluid collection of relaxed garments fit for jet-setting consumers. While SARAL ZENS showcased a monochromatic collection with nods to Chinese culture. Lastly, Blue Tamburin finished with a collection that honoured traditional Korean garments. 

[UNUSUAL] started the show off with “Wasted Youth,” a strong streetwear collection. The opening look featured a black hoodie and sweatpants set with distorted images printed on the front. A girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer was weeping blood, and the signature Thrasher logo was cut in half. The collection comes in a stripped back colour palette of gray, white, black, and scarlet red. Tattered fabric and seemingly blood-soaked handkerchiefs emphasize the theme of this collection. One model stops at the end of the runway to mimic smoking a cigarette, but the lighter will not work. Comfortable and wearable, [UNUSUAL]’s showcase tells a story of miscommunication while growing up. 

Chilean clothing label SAINTJESUS presented “BRVNO,” full of monochromatic pieces in her signature style. Designer Maria Saint-Jesus founded the brand in 2016 and named this collection after her son, Bruno, to honour the hardships they faced together. SAINTJESUS also used Chilean cotton fabrics to create this collection. Tees, shorts, and dresses come in shades of tan, black, and white. Their blazers can be dressed up with a matching skirt or dressed down with a baggy logo tee and matching loose trousers. Baseball caps and tote bags emphasize the casual styling of this collection. The final look was a sexy black maxi dress with cutouts and a leg slit. Overall this collection is versatile and effortless, perfect for a woman on the go.

New York City label CARLTON JONES showcased their latest collection of resort-ready clothing. The eponymous label started off with neutral dresses and sets with a fun pop of colour, like a tan off-the-shoulder dress with a pink stripe at the bottom. The loose fit of the dresses and jumpsuits, give the collection a relaxed feel. Garments came in predominantly cool tones, with royal blue, sky blue, and sage green being the most utilized colour. CARLTON JONES also showcased a few menswear looks, including a romper. Finally Aoki Lee Simmons closed the collection in a breezy peach shorts, skirt and jacket set, accessorized with a chunky gold necklace. 

SARAL ZENS showed a trendy womenswear collection created using only black and white fabrics. The Chengdu-based label was established in 2016 by design duo Saral Liu and Denny Zens. The garments were practical, stylish, and edgy. This collection also featured lots of layering, such as a lace blazer over top a silky slip dress. Sheer fabrics were also heavily utilized, like a bodycon patchwork dress and a white top inspired by Chinese cheongsam blouses. Other garments referenced Chinese traditional clothing,  a black oversized Tang suit shirt and black cheongsam dress. Mandarin collars were seen on multiple pieces, a style that originates from Imperial China. 

South Korean label Blue Tamburin closed the show with a cohesive collection. When creating her garments, designer Bomin Kim wanted to share the importance of self-expression and freedom. The collection includes several nods to Kim’s heritage, like a black hat from the first look mirroring the traditional gat. Garments come in shades of blue and gray and are heavily accessorized. Blazers are accented by shimmering embellished sleeves, and blazers are paired with teal feather and floral arrangements. The looks are very structured, from the tailored men’s formalwear to their dramatic dresses. This collection is so uniquely Blue Tamburin. 

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