Q&A with Jaw x Jawshop® and Nolan Bellavance

If the name Jaw x Jawshop® sounds familiar, it’s because Timothy Jaw has been making waves since last year. The product that truly launched Jaw x Jawshop®, was a tie dye shirt created in 2019 in support of the designers Asian Heritage and the Asian American and Pacific Islanders community.

This time around, the designer is back only this time, he’s joined forces with our fellow Canadian, Nolan Bellevance. Their new line of Spring masks will donate proceeds to provide safety alarms for seniors and the AAPI community in New York through a gofundme hosted by Asians in America Inc. As well, the masks are launching just in time for Asian Heritage month so this partnership could not have come at a more perfect time!

This Week, I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Timothy and Nolan. We talked about their mission and drive behind the project and their story:

Where does your inspiration come from? 

The inspiration comes from sports and fashion. Growing up skateboarding, style and clothing have always been a big influence on me. I love the authenticity of street style, the shapes and colours of fashion, and the functionality of sporting uniforms.

Credit: Jaw x Jawshop®

How did you meet (Timothy and Nolan), and how did this project come about? 

We met last Summer through an introduction from a mutual friend, shoutout to Tess Mckendry – another Parsons alumni. During this time, Nolan and I talked about creating something simple and really connected over the idea of fashion versus function. These seersucker masks are a culmination of those two schools of thought, and how we felt we could best help support others during this time.

Credit: Alexis Lebron for Jaw x Jawshop®
Spring Masks for AIA

What makes fashion the right vehicle to raise awareness?

For me, having grown up in the AAPI community, and Nolan, having come to the U.S. from Canada, working with like-minded manufacturers in the U.S. and giving back to all communities that have helped us in our own fashion careers is something we are both passionate about. We wanted to be able to use our skillsets in design and fashion to do what we can for the people around us.

Credit: Alexis Lebron for Jaw x Jawshop®
Spring Masks for AIA

I’m so excited to see emerging brands partner with groups that can use the support – if you can, here is the link to the gofundme to help:


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