How to make old clothes attractive again!

What do you usually do with the clothes that you no longer wear?

Over the past decade, the sustainability mindset has been getting greater attention around the world. Recycling and reusing have gained much awareness. Yet, many still throw the clothes that they no longer wear away. To make this situation better, what can we do with our worn-out clothes? Here are a few examples of how we can reuse our old clothes.

  1. Turn your favorite t-shirts into a duvet cover 

We all have that one t-shirt full of memories like the tour t-shirts of your favourite musician, the class t-shirt from Grade 7, and the ones from your childhood that you do not want to throw away but certainly don’t wear anymore. Here’s good news for you all. You probably did not know but t-shirts are simple! This idea of making blankets from memorable t-shirts is not only unique but also a useful way to save our precious memories. Simply cut and sew together pieces of your favourite t-shirts and sleep covering yourself with these full-of-memory blankets. Should you have a lovely dream.

old t-shirts recycled into duvet cover

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  1. Make your jeans colourful and unique

As denim pants are often worn for a long time, you might think of buying a new pair when worn out. But wait! The old boring jeans may have countless possibilities. Here’s how you can stop buying a new pair and give your old jeans a new life with an attractive feature again. The back pockets have great potential to change the image of old jeans. These are two examples of re-made jeans’ pockets.

The first idea is to paint colourful pictures on the back pockets. It sounds so simple yet very effective to regain the charm. Painting with colourful designs not only makes the item attractive but also bring the joy for wearing them back to you.

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You can also sew and attach some of your favorite old clothes onto the pockets. It is not as easy to sew clothes on strong denim pants, but imagine you wearing your only one in the world pair of jeans! It will give you a sense of achievement.

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DIY Patch Pocket Shorts -- cutoff shorts perfect for festival season | #DelightfulDIY Delightfully Kristi
  1. Style different with the extra large t-shirts

You have all experienced that time when the size of the new shirts you bought was way bigger than you expected. Now worry less, because I have found two brilliant ideas to help you wear them in your style.

The first one is to make a shirt and a skirt from a shirt. It is up to you to make the shirt and the skirt coordinated or wear the two items separately. It is not only eco-friendly but also wallet-friendly. You can also share them with your family or friends to make a twin look! 

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The second idea is to make kids’ dresses out of the extra-large shirt. Kids’ clothing requires less fabric than adult clothing. You can make a variety of kids’ clothing from one piece of extra-large shirts. In addition, shirts made for adults are often made stronger than those for children. The clothes made from adult shirts might last longer than conventional kids’ clothes and thus, wallet-friendly. 

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All the above ideas are only a part of the many different ways of reusing. If you have any more unique re-making methods, please share them with us.
If you have old clothes on hand, stop throwing them away, bring in a new life for them and enjoy your clothes again in a different way!

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