Can you introduce your brand and yourself in a few words?

Deodar, from English cedar, cedar smile proud of the characteristics of the snow interpretation of the brand connotation. Committed to creating high quality down jackets for new urban homes. From the picking of each down from the source to the stitching of each stitch in production; all adhere to high quality standards. Through pure natural and sustainable environmentally friendly materials, our unique design style and exquisite craftsmanship bring us a warm and comfortable new down jacket experience.

What sparked your interest in fashion design?

Two ways to answer: Because I love life and all the beautiful things. Finally, I hope that my love for life and the pursuit of beauty will be presented through the carrier of clothing.

Can you describe your creative process?

The creative process requires a deep insight into the demands of modern urban customers for clothing; redefining the relationship between down jackets and modern urban men and women; the final design content can bring people a warm, relaxed and convenient wearing experience, truly feel relaxed from the outside. With warmth.

As a designer, what is your favorite part? What drives you to design?

I like to constantly overcome the problems and difficulties of crafts and fabrics in the design and creation process, and make the design manuscript into the sense of accomplishment and joy brought by the ready-made clothes. Use your heart to find out what life is like, use design to express your life, let consumers get fashionable and generous, light and warm clothing, and bring consumers a safe, warm and comfortable consumer experience. Every consumer’s recognition and support are It is the driving force that drives me to perfect the design.

How do you find the designer of your brand? Does culture/environment affect your design aesthetics? Do you think your home is connected? / Designer personally will say that his/her design is derived from the growth environment, cultural background and family influence.

Design originates from life and is higher than life. My family is warm, family and love each other. In this environment and background growth, I love life and I am willing to discover the beauty of life, and I am willing to bring beauty to more people. Through design, it brings people a relaxed, happy and fun life experience.

Looking forward to your fashion show at Vancouver Fashion Week, what do you most expect?

I look forward to being able to be recognized and understood by more people through the fashion show at Vancouver Fashion Week. At the same time, I look forward to meeting more outstanding brands and designers to improve my vision and design capabilities.

What is the inspiration behind showing off your S/S20 collection at Vancouver Fashion Week?

Inspired by natural life, Deodar’s series of designs pursues natural and modern design aesthetics, finding a balance between the functionality and aesthetics of down, so in the natural simplicity of design creation, innovation and wisdom, leading to nature, simplicity, and ease Down fashion style.

What is your reaction to the audience seeing your design (perhaps their first time)?

I hope that our design works can give them a new definition of down jackets. Down jackets can not only achieve more functionality than warmth, but also be fashionable, which can bring you back to nature, pursue simplicity and ease. Convenient living experience.

Thank you for speaking with us, . We look forward to seeing your brand on the runway this October.

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