With the rise of COVID 19 around the world, the fashion industry has been faced with a very particular problem – the most important week of the year, can no longer run without risking the safety of the community. Emerging designers in particular are left with collections that rely on the exposure of a global stage to launch their careers into an already crowded industry. The industry giants on the other hand, have the luxury of waiting out the wave and creating bigger, better shows for the following seasons. But, as we know all too well, fashion never sleeps and it’s time to find a way to provide a platform for fashion, in the new normal.

In the production space, especially in fashion show production, there is a very unique challenge to tackle – the audience lives and breathes fashion and in-person events give the community a chance to show up and show out. It’s not news that the world is heading down the path of digital entertainment, digital transactions, and overall curating a digital experience to match the physical one. This gives all businesses, not just the fashion industry, a chance to translate their voice into one that can be heard and understood internationally.

Vancouver Fashion Week goes Online for SS21

Vancouver Fashion Week Online

A pillar event in the city of Vancouver, which usually draws a 30,000+ crowd, is skipping the audience part this season and showcasing online. The event will run as a 2-day live stream and social media special showcasing designer talent, editorial campaigns, and the usual stunning, emerging talent that Vancouver Fashion Week is characterized by every season. They are encouraging the community to dress up and share their unique style from home as they watch along with them.

During the 2-day livestream, use the hashtag #VFWathome to be a part of keeping fashion week as exciting, and dynamic as it is every season!


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