We talk with French Youtuber Estelle Fitz on all things makeup


MM : Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Estelle: Yes, of course! my name is Estelle Fitz, I am 22 years old and I have spent the last 4 years making videos on Youtube, specialising in make-up. As an actress, I also do auditions for movies and TV shows. I went to a movie school in Paris called ‘Le laboratoire de l’Acteur d ‘Hélène Zidi’ (The laboratory of the Actor Hélène Zidi) which was an amazing experience. I would also say that I am extroverted person; lively, and a real dreamer!

MM : How would you define French Beauty?

Estelle: The French style is essentially wearing almost no makeup at all. A little bit of black mascara, some blush on the cheeks, and then, of course, the masterpiece, red lipstick. The concept is quite the opposite of me (laughs).


MM : What do you think about the actual make-up industry in France?

Estelle: I love our makeup industry because it has become an art; we dare to do lots of things and we really have more fun than before.

MM : What are the big trends in make-up for 2018?

Estelle: For 2018, it’s all about highlighter! I think we will be choosing the product which highlights the most, the one we can really see in photos. This trend will be the biggest one, which really we started to see in 2017. I am also very attracted to a new colour trend- I can see that colours like pink or blue have been used on eyebrows, and this is so interesting and fun. I’m pretty sure I will give it a try, why not?


MM : Could you define your favourite makeup style?

Estelle: I love doing make-up that we can really see. I always use a black eyeliner, I accentuate my eyes instead of my lips. I try to use all the colours I can; pink, black, green even violet. I have fun with all the tints I can play with.

MM : Could you give us some tips? For example, to make eyes look bigger?

Estelle: I use a white pencil in the inner lower eyelid, it is really pretty.

MM : To slim a face?

Estelle: Contouring is the foundation base! I use it on the hollow of my cheeks

MM : To match eyeshadows to your hair, eyes, or skin tone?

Estelle: To me, brown colour matches everyone’s eyes, skin colour and hair. It is a tint which matches everything.


MM : What are your favorite brands?

Estelle: I love the ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara from Too Faced. It gives me so much volume on my eyelashes. Lately, I have been using ‘Power Fabric Foundation’ from Giorgio Armani. It lasts all day long and has a beautiful matte finish. I am not a big fan of lipstick, I don’t wear it so much, but I can say that Kylie Jenner’s lipsticks are wonderful.

MM : What kind of makeup can match with a red lip makeup?

Estelle: I would say a very matte makeup in a beige tint, with some bronzer on the face.

MM : What kind of skincare do you recommend? What is your skincare routine?

Estelle: To be honest, I don’t have a set skincare routine. The most important is to always remove your make-up before going to sleep, whenever it is, and to drink a lot of water. I would recommend using moisturising cream made specially for your type of skin.

Thank you Estelle for your beauty insights. MM readers, which of these French Beauty tips are you going to take away?


Check out Estelle’s Youtube channel So Urban Girl here…

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