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MM: Can you introduce your brand and yourself in a few sentences?

「6-D Sebastian Masuda」 is the new fashion brand which artist, Masuda Sebastian, launched. The name derives from Six dimension and Six sense. This time I would like to display again what I would like to express through fashion by exhibiting the items of the shop “6% DOKIDOKI” that I opened at Harajuku in Tokyo when I was 25 years old.

MM: Can you describe your creative process?

First of all, I document messages that I would like to express when I create pieces. This is my process of creation which I shape keywords that I picked visually.

MM: Where do you find inspiration in your day-to-day life?

I get inspirations that is based on the news (global situation and global issues) which is currently happening, and what do we need for this generation?


MM: What kind of questions do you ask yourself when you begin creating a collection?

 Collection theme of this time is ”Reboot the Kawaii”. I made a collection based on the idea that what is fashion as protecting the spirits of “Kawaii” which is the context of my creation. It is also an attempt to restart what was sent to the world as a result of my work again with my own hand.

MM: How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

Till now I had a store as existence to receive and transmit the flow and energy which was born from the street in Tokyo, but I switched to capture fashion as “art as a body ”  by setting up a fashion brand with my name again.


MM: How do you find working as a designer in Japan? Has the culture/surroundings affected your design aesthetic? Do you feel connected to your home?

Since I started “6% DOKIDOKI” in 1995, my career as a fashion designer started. A feeling of air atmosphere  that allows others to live freely in the city of Harajuku in Tokyo, and street fashion that is unprecedented in the world.It is a fundamental indispensable element to create my pieces(art of production).

MM: What sparked your interest in fashion design?

The most interesting part is material. My art work creates colors using materials that exist in the world that I have found in various clothing and toy markets in the world. However, I decide on the main material that matches the theme in fashion design and start designing to do. We have just launched the brand, but we will try to create that material itself and develop new materials in the future as well.


MM: How did you learn the business of fashion?

I started my store (6% DOKIDOKI) as a place of expression, I was unknowing at first. For the first time in terms of shop management, I learnt fashion business and management by practice through various experiences with crossover intersecting streets.

MM: What is your favourite part of being a designer? What drives you to design?

 「Design」 is visualizing messages for me.  It is my job to design what kind of place someone goes with their clothes, what kind of stimulation it gives them around, and someone’s consciousness can be changed by communications from the clothes as my point of origin.


MM: What is the inspiration behind your S/S19 collection to be showcased at Vancouver Fashion Week?

This collection has the purpose of restarting the image and recognition of the current state of “Kawaii” that is going to be consumed as a surface trend by third party intervention. The Japanese culture “Kawaii” which is the context of my work often precedes superficial images such as ,gaudiness, bizarre and childishness, and the problems of “diversity” and “individuality” recently taken. It is not well known that you have big hints to unravel the word. I define Kawaii = my microcosm. A strong will to protect your favorite things that everyone does not want to disturb, and a mind to allow other people ‘s microcosm (personality),What I express this time is to protect faith as the basis of such “Kawaii”

Thank you 6-D Sebastian Masuda for telling us about your brand. We can’t wait to see your show at Vancouver Fashion Week for the SS19 season.

Follow 6-D Sebastian Masuda on Instagram @6d_tokyo and check out the website.

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