With Micro Macro HQ located in Downtown Vancouver, we’ve scoped out some of the best lunch spots in our area. Knowing that not all lunch spots are created equal, we reckon it’s good to take note of what each restaurant is good for. Whether it’s take-out, a quick bite, or a lunch meeting it’s important to know what you’re getting into when it comes to your midday meal. Before you know it, you have ten minutes to jet and you’ve accidentally sat yourself down for a five course meal. As a public service, we’ve decided to start cataloging some of the best places for lunch, and what you can expect from them. This week we begin with Fujiya. We’ll be rating each restaurant on a three point basis. First…taste, second…price point, and lastly…the cute factor (or as some may say, how instagram-friendly it is). 

Starting with taste! Fujiya is great! Let’s be real, it’s not going to be getting a Michelin star anytime soon. Considering the price point you get more than you pay for. Additionally, it’s consistent. There’s nothing better than walking into your regular spot and knowing it’s going to taste the same every time. There’s relatively no wait (except the line at the till). You walk in, pick up what you’re hungry for, and leave with your lunch! 

Price is definitely one of the main reasons Fujiya is such an attractive lunch option. When you can get a California roll for $2.95 and not much is over $6 it’s great bang for your buck. This factor pretty much outweighs everything else. When you want tasty sushi at a reasonable price you really can’t beat Fujiya. 

When it comes to cuteness we have to split it into two categories. One, the look of the actual food, and two the atmosphere of the location. On the food side, Fujiya does pretty well. Standard corner store sushi definitely worth the Instagram love if you know how to stage it properly (see above). However, the atmosphere of the actual location is nothing special. We recommend picking it up and taking it back to the office (or better yet outside and enjoying the sun)! Which is why it gets 1.5 out of 4 heart eye emojis. 

Overall Fujiya ranks pretty well, and we frequent their Vancouver location. Give it a try and tell us what you think!  

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