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This week’s #designmonday introduces Hungarian modernist architecture and furniture designer Marcel Breuer (May 21th, 1902 – July 1st, 1981). At the age of 18, Breuer left his hometown and started education at Bauhaus as one of the youngest students. He went back to Bauhaus and joined other faculty members to lead a newly founded department, architecture, in 1925. Breuer started his career as an architecture and furniture designer instructing at Bauhaus. Wassily Chair and Cesca Chair, the world’s most famous architects in the 20th century, were also produced while Breuer was at Bauhaus.

Wassily Chair used to be called Model B3 Chair when it first launched in 1925-1926. Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, who also worked as Bauhaus’ faculty, admired the chair design, and Breuer personally fabricated a copy of the chair for Kandinsky. Later on, the Model B3 Chair was re-introduced by a manufacture Gavina, naming the chair Wassily in the 1960s. The name “Wassily” was driven from the story of Wassily Kandinsky. Wassily Chair was inspired by bicycle construction that its body is constructed with tubular steel. Because of its tubular steel body, the chair is fordable using a waxed cotton thread. After WW2, Gavina re-released the chair with a black leather strap version. Wassily Chair is known for revolutionary chair design due to bent tubular steel and Eisengarn, which form the chair comfy and carriable.

Breuer is also known for Cesca Chair, designed in 1928. Cesca Chair is also manufactured with tubular steel, which resulted in a lightweight, sturdy and malleable chair. Different from Wassily Chair, Cesca Chair was possible for mass production. It is the first tubular steel frame chair that was mass-produced. Breuer’s intention, hoping to design both a visually and physically light chair, was successfully presented by Cesca Chair. Now, Cesca Chair is an icon of modern design.

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