Meet The Designer: isxnot

In the dressing rooms of Vancouver Fashion Week’s F/W22 season, we speak with Izumi and her translator about the motivation behind her newest, wanderlust-inspired collection.

Isxnot is a brand which aims to create a whimsical space for people to escape within and express themselves. This season’s collection is entitled “A Night in the Rain”, and deconstructs rain-gear into various dreamy designs, perfect for flipping a rainy day into something exciting and joyous.

What inspired your brand?

She first launched on social media and found a loyal base of customers through Twitter.  She then created the brand to include more for her customers.  

 What inspired this specific collection?

She designed the clothes in her dreams, and then made them from there.  The theme is based on “The Long Wish”.  It depends on the situation, but sometimes it’s just a word, and sometimes it has meaning.  For example, the flower has a meaning, so some clothes are like that.

Today’s collection is titled “A Night in the Rain”, embodying a night that can be very quiet, but sometimes exciting.  This outfit [presents a raincoat-inspired garment] is like a raincoat, but with her own added twist. She wants to take the raincoat and make it more exciting by adding her own designs. So, when it’s not exciting in Vancouver, some people dread the rainy days.  However, if people are wearing Izumi’s designs, she wants them to feel excited and happy, even on those rainy days.

What’s your creative process like?

When she’s dreaming she draws a picture, wakes up, draws it on paper, and then draws a picture on her Ipad as soon as possible.  Sometimes the process takes a long time, and sometimes it doesn’t, but this collection she loaded one hundred papers – one hundred designs.

What’s the vision of the future of your brand?

She wants people who wear her brand to feel more happy and inclined to go outside.  She makes her clothes for people who don’t want to go outside, who feel depressed, and wants to make them feel more excited about leaving the house.

Thank you Izumi for showing us your creative vision, isxnot! And thank you to Izumi’s assistant for translating her words.

Isxnot’s designs can be found at, as well as on instagram (@isxnot) and twitter (@isxnot). For more runway photos, check out @vanfashionweek.

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