24 Hours in Vancouver

Vancouver City Skyline

It’s Summer O’clock in Vancouver! That means that it dawns early and darkens late and we can’t waste it, that’s why we present you everything you can do in 24 hours if you come to visit, or you are a resident and need a little inspiration to make the most of your day, this is the perfect basic guide to enjoy it from sunrise until night comes.

It’s morning o’clock and it’s time to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Cora Breakfast and Lunch on Robson Street. This menu has different options from classic breakfasts, crepes, kids menu, etc. with large portions of food for a lower price and the best taste, without a doubt the best option to recharge your energy for the rest of the day.

After having a delicious breakfast you could do a walk or a bike ride through Stanley Park with one of the best views of the city which runs 5.5 miles around, along the way you can appreciate different sculptures and significant places for the city such as Brock Point Totem Pole, Girl in a Wetsuit, Siwash Rock, etc. Or if you are adventurous and would like to get to know the city from another perspective, a seaplane ride is your best option, with walks of up to 20 minutes.  As the day continues and the heat and it is a good excuse to go to Granville Island and visit some of its breweries, there you will find several options of light, strong beers, IPA, etc. 

It’s evening o’clock and the sun and temperature in the environment begin to drop a little. Within this tour of iconic places in the city is the Steam Clock in Gastown, where thousands of people expect to have their photo taken. When touring this same area you can find souvenir stores that you can buy for affordable prices as a souvenir for a lifetime of your 24 hours in Vancouver. 

Sunset and hunger are coming too and as two it is better than one we recommend Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant, the tallest restaurant in the city where you will live the unique experience from the moment you go up the elevator you will have the view of the city until you reach the top floor where you will experience the unique and incomparable 360* view with the incredible view of the mountains, then the city, the beach and a wonderful sunset, all this at the same time that you are enjoying an extensive spectacular gourmet menu for your palate.  

It’s night O’clock and the sun went out and the moon and stars came out that means is time to party to finish enjoying these last hours of the day, a very good option is to visit Gastown, where the street is full of bars you can go around one by one or spend the whole night with good music and atmosphere.  

This concludes this brief suggestion of how to make the most of your day, something we are sure of, you will love the city and you will want the day to last more than 24 hours.

Written by: Gabriela Alvarez

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