Meet The Designer: #whysocerealz

Backstage at Vancouver Fashion Week, we talk to #whysocerealz about the meaning behind his brand’s name, and the creative inspiration for his newest collection.

#Whysocerealz is a brand that celebrates levity and playfulness in fashion through visualized concepts and casual wear . This F/W 22 season, the brand debuted a collection inspired by a bible verse questioning the binary of good and evil in a performative, conceptual showcase.

 What inspired your brand?

Well, I was a pretty angry guy, pretty serious, and I didn’t want to be that guy anymore.  I wanted to be more chill, and less stressed.  So I guess that’s how I developed my brand concept, to not be serious – “be cerealz” 

What inspired this specific collection?

The topic for this collection is “When I want to do good, there is evil within me”.  So, I’m a good person, but when I get drunk, or when I’m angry, there are these evil desires in me.  It’s quite serious, the concept itself, but our expression is very playful and joyful.  

What’s your creative process like?

I read the bible everyday.  This collection is actually a bible verse from Romans so I thought, why not.  Colors like black and red would define evil, or something like gray.  We like to use a lot of embroidery, so we would put Cupid on a shirt.

 What’s the vision of the future of your brand?

 I don’t have a big, long plan, but our next collection is also a verse from the bible.  It’s actually really fun, we’ll be altering fabric and then putting color into it.  It’s about how, after suffering, we endure it and our character develops.  We’re trying to express that concept by making the fabrics suffer, and characterizing them.

Thank you to #whysocerealz for sharing your designs in such a creative presentation this runway! We look forward to seeing how you transform fashion and the runway in future shows.

#whysocerealz can be found at, and on instagram (@whysocerealz). For more runway photos, check out @vanfashionweek on instagram.

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