Meet The Designer: Alex S. Yu

Backstage before the runway, Alex S. Yu talks about his return to Vancouver Fashion Week with his new collection, “Capsule 002”.

Alex S. Yu trained at Vancouver’s own Blanche Macdonald Centre, and has since then taken his designs across the world, to London Fashion Week and several international fashion magazines. Yu likes to play with the line between fantasy and reality. For the F/W22 season, Yu introduces “Capsule 002”, an innovative take on the modern woman.

What inspired your brand?

I thought of my brand after graduating from London College of Fashion, and my first show was actually shown here, in Vancouver, in 2015.

What inspired this specific collection?

This collection is my Capsule 002 collection, and it’s inspired by Paula Rego’s art and Maddy from Euphoria.  So kind of like the powerful female girl.

What’s your creative process like?

I started with Paula Rego, with the idea of women being restricted and looking forward to freedom.  I was watching Euphoria at the time thinking, “Ok, this reminds me of Maddy.”  I mixed the two together, and then I did a lot of my own prints and colors for this collection.

 What’s the vision of the future of your brand?

So right now, I’m selling in many different stores in New York, Miami, and then here in Vancouver.  Hopefully, I’ll expand my brand into most of these places.  Right now in Vancouver you can go to my online shop, and then there’s also a store called Commonplace in Vancouver where people can shop.

Thank you Alex S. Yu for your return to the VanFashionWeek runway! It’s always a joy to see your aesthetic designs, and to learn about the refreshing concepts behind them.

Explore more Alex S. Yu at and on instagram at @alex.s.yu. To see more runway photos, check out @vanfashionweek on instagram.

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