Meet The Designer: Ignacio Carrasco

In the dressing rooms of Vancouver Fashion Week, Ignacio Carrasco reveals the environmental inspiration behind his most recent collection, and his vision for his future as a designer. Translated and spoken for by an assistant at VFW.

Originally from Mexico, designer Ignacio Carrasco began his brand in 2016, and showcased his latest collection, “Páramo”, locally at F/W22 Vancouver Fashion Week.  As a brand focused on emphasizing feminine beauty through juxtaposing silhouettes and minimalist pieces, “Páramo” incorporates the essence of Mexico’s deserts and architecture with an elegant, unique flare.

 What inspired your brand?

TRANSLATOR: It all started as a school project. When he moved to Mexico City, he took those projects with him without intending too. So, he started from zero, and just managed to make his [projects] again. That’s how his designs eventually became a brand.

What inspired this specific collection?

TRANSLATOR: This collection is inspired by Mexican deserts, architecture, and Mexican culture. All the materials that he’s using are natural fabrics because he’s inspired by the colours of soils, deserts, and other earthy tones.

What’s your creative process like?

TRANSLATOR: It’s a process that takes time.  The first step of his collection started with getting inspiration from some pictures, and then he would start drawing.  But he can’t make his collection all at once. The inspiration needs to come to him.  So, he’ll start with maybe three looks from the inspiration he got, maybe wait a little bit longer, get more inspiration, and then continue on making the final looks.

What’s the vision of the future of your brand?

TRANSLATOR: In the future, he would like to continue using a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics in his clothes.  He wants to get to a perfectly balanced use of both these kinds of fabrics as a way of artistically expressing his own brand.  He’s inspired by the belief that all natural things may have a synthetic part to themselves, even if you don’t like it.

Thank you to Ignacio Carrasco for the insight into your collection and intent as a designer. We look forward to spying your eye for artistry in your future runways! Thank you to the assistant at VFW for helping translate Carrasco’s words.

Ignacio Carrasco is on instagram @ignaciocarrasco, as well as on Shein. For more runway photos, check out @vanfashionweek on instagram.

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