Local Influencer Spotlight: A Drink with Tianna Brammer

Get the inside scoop on the Vancouver drinks scene with local food and drinks influencer Tianna Brammer!

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Hello! My name is Tianna Brammer, and I love all things involving food, beverage, travel, and fashion. My family has owned a few restaurants throughout the years, so perhaps that’s where my food & beverage interest stems from. With a degree in nutrition and experience as a barista and restaurant/bar manager, I can truly relate to this industry and its artistry. 

My social media platform, drinkswitht, came about when the industry shut down at the start of 2020. To continue to express myself and create drink recipes, I began to film original cocktail videos which have progressed to lifestyle content as a food and beverage focused creator. 

What made you start food blogging?

I actually began food blogging when Instagram had their mapping feature back in 2015 or so. I didn’t take it too seriously, but loved the fact that I could open the world map to see where I had visited and what I had eaten. I grew up travelling quite a bit, so this helped track my food adventures and enabled me to recount my favourite places to friends and family. 

I always knew that I had a passion for food & beverage, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that I realized how much fun I could have sharing my interests digitally. That said, “drinkswitht” has been my concept since September 2020 and continues to evolve as I develop my brand.

 How long have you lived in Vancouver? 

 I’ve lived in the Vancouver area my entire life. Born and raised in Richmond, along with frequent travel to Toronto allowed me to grow up in a very multicultural environment, surrounded by a large variety of cuisines. I also lived in Montreal and Paris for short periods of time throughout my university years. I love living in Vancouver, but am definitely ready to get back to travelling in 2022. 

Top Vancouver Restaurant Recommendation?

The food scene in Vancouver is very fast-paced and volatile to the market, therefore, it’s hard to pick just one restaurant with the constant influx of new establishments! One place that has never let me down, however, is Kissa Tanto in Chinatown. Both their food & beverage programs are sublime, and their service is impeccable and seamless. I always say that they have the best pick me up cocktail in the city, and their Tajarin pasta is to die for; it’s one of my top dinner recommendations in the city for sure.

Top Vancouver Bar Recommendation?

A bar that I recently visited (but had been on my list for quite some time!) is Bar Corso. I actually filmed my first Youtube Video at this location during Vancouver Cocktail Week and had an amazing time. Not only is it a great space to hang out and try food and drinks, but the quality of items being served is incredible. I can’t wait to go back and try more of their cocktails.
I also want to point out a unique bar scene that we have in Vancouver as well… distilleries and tasting rooms! We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many local producers in the lower mainland such as Woods Spirits, Resurrection Spirits and Provincial Spirits to name a few. I would highly recommend going to those who make the base ingredient because they know how to manipulate and play with it best!

Your Favourite Drink at the Moment?

When I am looking to indulge, my favourite drink is a clarified milk punch cocktail at Botanist Restaurant in the Fairmont Pacific Rim. I love their use of tea and delicate intricacies in their beverages. The entire experience at this restaurant is always delightful and it’s a truly beautiful space that is well complemented by the drink menu. 

I believe their current milk punch offering has been updated since my last visit, but nonetheless, it involves curdling milk with citrus, to clarify the drink and create a silky smooth texture. Looks like I will have to make another visit to try the newest one!

Thank you to Tianna Brammer for your insight on Vancouver’s local bars and restaurants! Catch Tianna on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok for more updates and expert recommendations.

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