FashionUnited x Vancouver FashionWeek/Global Fashion Collective: Launching a New Partnership

Vancouver Fashion Week and the Global Fashion Collective is delighted to announce their partnership with FashionUnited!

FashionUnited is an independent platform that collects, creates, and communicates content relevant to fashion-interested audiences and industry buyers. Established in 1998, FashionUnited has been fashion’s most trusted global network for twenty years. The platform provides the latest updates on fashion news, careers in the industry, and freshly released collections available for clients and apparel buyers. It provides a competitive recruitment advantage for the world’s leading brands through uniquely executed storytelling and branding.

News stories on important developments in the fashion industry are published on a daily basis in the FashionUnited News section. Articles are produced by a team of locally based contributors as well as international editors located in the Amsterdam HQ. Other valuable insights, such as diverse directories and business intelligence, as well as the Trends page, the Global Events Calendar, and the Fashion Image Library are accessible at the click of a mouse and help to stay up to date and make well-informed decisions. 

Moreover, the comprehensive AI-powered B2B Marketplace, which helps connect brands and buyers digitally at the lowest possible cost, is already hosting 3,000 brands, and 200,000 products are being showcased to accredited buyers 24/7. With the marketplace’s launch, FashionUnited now brings transparency and information to the industry’s purchasing and procurement in an organic way. With offices in over thirty countries,FashionUnited optimizes the industry’s way of working – making it more efficient and transparent.

Should you be looking for new colleagues or another professional challenge, the FashionUnited Career Center offers much more than simple job postings. This unique job board lists diverse fashion positions worldwide, career guidelines and employer information.

70% of the global top 100 fashion companies as well as millions of fashion professionals actively use FashionUnited services. Do you never want to miss out on anything again? Then subscribe to the FashionUnited Newsletter and receive the latest fashion news in your local language!

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