Meet The Designer: Ermine Paiso

A backstage interview with designer Ermine Paiso at Vancouver Fashion Week FW22, discussing her technique as a lingerie designer and the bohemian inspiration behind her most recent collection.

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Ermine Paiso brought bohemian elegance to Vancouver Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2022 runway this season.   Paiso’s brand offers handmade lingerie crafted with high fashion textiles such as Calais and Caudry lace, combining comfort and high fashion for the everyday woman.  This season’s collection, entitled “Night Owl”, highlights fashion workers whose bustling, late-night work contrasts against the refined fashions which they work on.

What inspired your brand?

PAISO: I started with the science of textiles and then I went into something more artisanal, and then to lingerie, and to Global Fashion Week.  Before, I was working for different companies and on wedding dresses, as well as for cabarets, a bit of haute couture, doing embroidery.  This came naturally, because I wanted to do a project that I love, with clients that I love.  I was realizing that it was difficult to have the career that you want when I was working for those different companies, so I just started like that, and that’s it.

What inspired this specific collection?

I’ve been inspired a lot this past year working in the fashion field.  I observed the contrast of the luxury places you go when working in fashion, the beauty, and the rigorous mindset you have.  But, on the other end, working in fashion is more bohemian because you’re always traveling, always moving, you can’t organize things very well.  So, on one side you get something really organized and really classy and on the other, something like a backpacker’s life.  I was always amused by that because in the morning you do not have time to eat, or you are not well dressed, but you have to go to a workplace somewhere fancy.  I like that because those are really two different worlds, and it’s why I always wanted to do something comfy, and something that’s kind of elegant.  I try to always combine those two.  

What’s your creative process like?

I like to do things by hand, so everything’s done by hand.  At the moment, I’m the only one sewing.  I don’t know if there will be someone, another partner in the future, but I don’t want it to be industrial.  Sometimes I get my ideas because of the theme I choose, sometimes from the materials and then I draw, so it really depends on the moment. 

How can people find your designs?

I will work for particular people and do personal requests, but I will also sell in shops.

What’s the vision of the future of your brand?

I just wish I can continue doing what I like.  I think I’m going to have an organization where I will have a place where I stay, where I work the most and host appointments with people, maybe even for men.  It’s very, very new.  I was supposed to launch this maybe four, five, six months later, but I had the occasion to be here so I did it in one month.  It’s been very, very rushed for me so I did not have time to think of all the projects after. But I think I will know, after tonight!

Thank you to Ermine Paiso for taking the time to discuss your diverse history of experiences and inspirations with us! It will be a thrill to see how you continue to refresh lingerie for everyone to enjoy.

Ermine Paiso’s designs are available on, as well as on instagram at @erminepaiso. For more runway photos, check out @vanfashionweek on instagram.

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