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Lately, the world of graphic design has been expanding into various different titles, such as web design, graphic design, DTP (Desktop Publishing), and spatial designs. For folks dreaming of becoming a designer nowadays, there are hundreds of different specific career options you might want to pick for your own. This article introduces one of the most enthusiastic local graphic designers, Shannon Elmitt, who has taken her time to sit down with us for an interview regarding her career path.

Check out our conversation below:

Reina (Interviewee): How did you get into Graphic Design? What interested you in the beginning?
Shannon: I got into Graphic Design a few years ago while doing little doodles and designs for friends’ businesses. it was so fun to have complete control over the images I was creating. I come from a photography background, and I felt like I was much more constrained by reality in the photography work I did. Not to mention if I wanted to do something that pushed the boundaries of reality that there would be a price to pay in talent, location and/or props. With graphic design, you can design from anywhere, with basically anything. All you need is imagination, inspiration, and a pen and paper!

How did you get to work as a graphic designer freelancer?
I use my Instagram heavily for work. The more I share the more people see my work and want to work with me! It’s been a really great marketing tool!

What is the most important thing for you as a graphic designer?
I think the most important thing as a graphic designer for me is to stay true to my interests, follow my intuition, and pay attention to details!

What do you enjoy the most about being a graphic designer?
I love that I get to be creative for my job. It is really fun most of the time!

What kind of advice would you give to someone who wants to become a graphic designer in the future?
I am definitely still learning, so I don’t know if I have the best advice yet, however, I would say to believe in yourself, to apply yourself, and to take risks. There is no limit to any form of designs in delivering the characteristics and emotions through. That is why designs are never limited and creative forever.

Shannon Elmitt
Instagram: @shannonelmitt 

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