Get ready to Ace the 2022 Graphic Design

Do the trends in graphic design remain the same throughout the years?

The answer is NO. The intense trend changes from 2021 and 2022 are clear proof of the change. With many life-changing events in 2021, including an influential protest, “#blacklivesmatter,” continuous climate change, and not even to mention, the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, marketing had to adapt to what was happening around the world.

An example of how 2021’s graphic design marketing reflected the unstable times is by using muted colours palettes to transmit a calm, safe feeling, rather than triggering our anxiety with bold colours. The use of common geometric shapes also plays a big part in it, as it gives a more structured and organized view to the visuals, which are two things that people crave at the moment due to COVID-19. Flat icons and illustrations as well as simple data visualizations are an easy way to transmit and communicate the intended message without confusing one’s mind.

For the upcoming year 2022, graphic design forecasts to evolve along with us, resulting in drastic change (some would call it improvements) in the graphic design trends. A few things will stay the same as in 2021 such as the classic and trustworthy Serif fonts, social slide decks, and text-heavy videos. Adapting to the 2022 graphic design trends will be easier for everyone reading this article and considering making a few necessary changes in their graphic design for the upcoming year. Like Charles Darwin, a British naturalist said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” If you are ready to up your graphic design game to a 2022 level, take notes for the next 6 tips below, and start preparing your updated marketing strategy for next year’s Graphic design success.

1- Color

  • Unlike the muted palettes used in 2021, the year 2022 tends to prefer a colorful palettes when talking about graphic design. 
  • Bold eye-catching backgrounds will be trending as well as colorful icons and illustrations. 

2- Fun

  • Rather than the simple, straightforward design, data representation in 2022 will be fun and more interesting to see. 
  • Banded memes will be a huge trend as well, as  it is a fun way of communication with the audience or consumer. 

3- Quoting 

  • Client’s testimonials will be an important aspect if wanting to stay on top of 2022’s graphic design trends. How client testimonials will be showcased is by quoting what they said or thought out loud about a related topic. 

4- Inclusive Visuals 

  • After everything that happened around the world in 2021 involving marginalized groups, next year’s graphic design will be composed of people of all kinds, sizes and nationalities as well as races. 

5- Screenshots

  • Sharing screenshots about things surrounding the topic will be a way to  entertain the consumers of graphic design making them curious about the info that contain. 

6- Stick to classics 

  • Serif fonts
  • Social Slide decks 
  • Text-heavy Videos

If you are ready to take-off for the next year’s graphic design or if you have more thoughts and views, share in the comments below!

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