The Comeback Kid: 90’s Fashion

Being someone who has always loved fashion, I always wonder how fashion trends come to be. Seeing as 90’s fashion is making a comeback, i’ve realized it’s all a cycle of repetition.

90’s fashion was a mix of minimalist, preppy, and urban styles often worn by celebrities like Brittney Spears and Destinys Child which popularized the style.

Corsets, slip dresses & skirts, tiny bags, leather blazers, combat trousers, mom jeans are all examples of the 90’s making a comeback.

Minimalist style is a classic and there’s no way to mess it up!

One way that trends have picked up in popularity again is by involving influencers (modern celebrities) in promotion campaigns. An influencer’s take on a 90’s style can go viral very quickly and before you know it, the mom jeans are in and the skinny jeans are out!

Looking for a chic business casual look? shoulder pads and leather blazers are all you need!

I’m sure these trends will be back again in 20 years and at least this time we’ll have an array of “vintage” items to choose from!

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