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For the second season in a row, Vancouver Fashion Week has showcased outstanding designers from all around the world. This past weekend, designers from Japan, China, Australia, Vancouver, Peru, and more showcased their Fall / Winter collections on a digital stage.

Two collections in particular bring so much history and passion to their garments, that we wanted to take a deeper dive into the inspiration behind MTTC and RYZYOURYUAN, and ALÇA’S FW21 showcase.


Australian, mother-daughter duo, MTTC are paving the way for sustainable, exclusive, luxury. Mariya and Tamila design intricate formal wear using vintage and unique materials in their new collection ‘De Luxe’. They largely focus on creating one-off designs to make every woman that wears MTTC feel special and unlike any other. MTTC believes that fashion should not only be individual, but that it should remain timeless, this is a value that is woven throughout each of their fashion and millinery collections and we could clearly see this in their pieces this FW21 season!

The patterns and colours in this Fall/Winter collection bring a much needed feeling of joy and extravagance to the industry after what has been a difficult time. One of MTTC’s key values is their belief in fashion as a form of happiness and they were able to combine this feeling with classic silhouettes in their latest collection – check out some photos below!


Designer QiQi Yuan presents RYZYORYUAN’S collection, “YOUNG POWER, THE CITY  STYLE”. As the youngest fashion designer in China, Qiqi Yuan had a lot to prove and he did not disappoint. with over 100 celebrity collaborations in a year, he shows no signs of stopping!

His collection showed modern, eye catching designs that played around with shapes and silhouettes and evoked a feeling of futuristic wear. From big shoulder pads, to circular skirts, to spiked protruding from a garment, RYZYORYUAN’S collection was very exciting to watch – see for yourself below!


Designer Emel from ALÇA, brings together her African roots and Japanese influence for her collection “Abundance”. Inspiration for the collection stemmed from the idea of simplistic elegance, different from ALÇA’S previous collections. With their primary color revolving around a gorgeous purple, we particularly loved how the silk and polyester fabrics work together to accentuate the silhouette of the model’s figure. Featuring puffy shoulders, V-necks, and figure-enhancing cuts, the Abundance Collection ignites the admiration of femininity. 

We can’t wait to see what these designers have in store for next season!

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