The Vancouver Fashion Week Fall Winter 2021 season started off strong today with six global designers showcasing their recent collections. Due to COVID-19, this year’s show went virtual and was live streamed through the official Vancouver Fashion Week website, YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch accounts. There were a variety of aesthetics and cultures on display, from Guerline Kamp’s colourful and bold garments to Narda Bolivian Handmade’s stylish and sensible shoes. Cornelia Borgerhoff presented a twist on the classic varsity design, while La Femme Roje showcased contemporary statement pieces. Harumi Hiyama introduced viewers to her signature bright and girly style while Isxnot showed off a monochromatic collection full of wanderlust. 

Audiences got to hear each designer introduce their collection and watch a fashion film from each brand!

Guerline Kamp
Guerline Kamp

Netherlands-based brand Guerline Kamp presented “Forgotten Memories”, inspired by her Haitian heritage. Playful colours, geometric shapes, and exaggerated silhouettes are signatures in her collection. Thick black brushstrokes outline a watering can protruding from an all blue outfit, and is seen scrawled across a bright yellow coat. Kamp utilizes an array of recycled materials and fabrics to evoke a child’s imagination.

Narda Bolivian Handmade Brand

Narda Bolivian Handmade brand showcased “Pieces”, a collection of handcrafted luxury shoes inspired by the visuals and feelings of broken mirrors. Based in Bolivia, this brand creates various types of footwear, from the classic Oxford shoe to a stylish stiletto. The shoes are crafted with engraved leather that mimics the pattern of shattered glass, and comes in a refined colour palette of whites, blacks, and creams.

Cornelia Borgerhoff
Cornelia Borgerhoff

New York-based Cornelia Borgerhoff’s wearable menswear collection “Acceptance Letter” was a twist on the timeless American varsity style. Sweatshirts are emblazoned with the varsity font and paired with wide-legged trousers. Borgerhoff elongates the classic white tee, hoodie, and striped polo into long dresses. The designer used a muted palette of dark browns, blacks, and pops of teal, red, and gold. Tees are layered with flannels and vests, emulating the style of college students in the United States. 

La Femme Roje

Local Vancouver brand La Femme Roje presented “Khatoon”, a bold collection inspired by the powerful women of Iran. Classic body-con dresses and black slacks are accented by sheer organza blouses and black leather belts. Capes and cropped jackets with shoulder pads and balloon sleeve tops create a strong silhouette. Browns, creams, and olive tones serve as pops of colour. Accessorized with elaborate hats and earrings bearing the brand logo, this collection makes a statement. 

Harumi Himaya

Japanese brand Harumi Hiyama’s gentle and feminine collection is entitled Giving Love. Staple white blouses are layered with dresses and styled with long skirts. The garments come in a variety of bright colours, from rich yellow hues to soft pastel pinks. Hiyama uses fabric embroidered with swans, trees, and flowers like roses and tulips. The flowy silhouette and loose pleating give her garments a doll-like feel. 


Wanderlust/Polaris is a moody and monochromatic collection presented by Japanese brand isxnot. This collection features loose silhouettes, from wide-sleeved hooded tops to sleeveless shift dresses. isxnot plays with the contrast between black and white, using thick bold lines and piping on her white garments and accenting black turtlenecks with the words “shut up” embroidered in white thread. 

We can’t wait to see what day 2 of Vancouver Fashion Week brings!

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