Contrary to the saying ‘bigger is better’, new technologies and innovative designers are defining downsizing in beautiful ways.

What is a Tiny Home?

Tiny Homes are cozy, liveable spaces of around 400 square feet or less. They are often transportable as well! As more people are adapting to the joys of owning less and living a simpler lifestyle, the Tiny Home Movement has expanded. With the creative minds of architects, these homes can be stylish and modern with super functional details to maximise usage.

In a 375-square-feet home named Heritage, lies a beautiful interior consisting of two bedroom lofts with skylights which maximise the use of height and space. A wooden oak table allows for versatility as you can utilise for big family dinners but also fold up into three parts to make space for an open area. Built for a family, this home also features a blue oasis of couch space with storage, which can be converted into a spare bed. Small details count in a small space, look closely behind the couch- there are stairs that lead to the loft bedrooms.

When it came to downsizing, the Mayes family chose to create a home on a 250-square-foot school bus. With beautiful white and grey aesthetics tinted with wooden details, the home they created is a modern space for the happy couple and their four kids. They made a relaxing lounge area that also functions as a work space. The bathroom is strategically laid out between the kitchen at the front of the bus and the sleeping area at the back.

Tiny Home concepts have been implemented to support functionality in other small spaces such as 194-square-foot apartments in Erasmus University in Rotterdam. These were formerly offices which have been revamped from top to bottom and side to side. The living space is suspended and can be accessed by stairs that double up as storage shelves. The sink has multi-functionality for both the kitchen and bathroom area. Similarly, the chalkboard also acts as a mirror for the bathroom. Feeling inspired yet?

Tiny Homes can be creative inside and out. Tiny Heirloom designed a customised home for a couple who loves to boulder. Their come is a cozy combination of passion and design with a bouldering wall installed on the front facet. The home features a retractable roll up door that lets light into the compact yet functional home consisting of a dining, lounge and sleeping area.

Today Tiny Homes has grown into a trend and a popular lifestyle. Adventurers and families alike have transformed small spaces into pieces of art. These tiny homes are sure to inspire and make a comfortable living. Could you live in a tiny space?

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