A personal favourite period in fashion history is the 1960s. The big hair, vivid colours, and vibrant patterns, these hallmark traits of the 60s were present in my favourite looks at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Photo 2018-03-26, 10 26 58 PM_preview.jpeg

Viktoria Tisza used the iconic volumized hair of the 60s to match this figure-enhancing look. 

@tristenwilliams-TristenWilliams-day2 #runway-Pariah-1.jpg

Pariah used bold eccentric patterns and pop art, which gained popularity in the 60s. There was playfulness to Barbara Riordan’s looks, and a winged eye further enhanced the retro feel. I love the A-line mini skirts in this collection.

@tristenwilliams-TristenWilliams-day5 #runway-Mazarine-4.jpg

Mazarine’s line was also playfully feminine, and made use of bright colours. Her collection was filled with bright vibrant pieces that worked together to create a new take on a retro look. The look above shows Mazarine’s high-waisted shorts and halter top which give vintage appeal.


Japanese designer Nozomi Kuwahara debuted a monochrome yellow look accented with an eccentric neon yellow headband. The variety of yellows and modern styling brought nostalgic 60s vibes to the collection.

Nostalgia was something I felt at fashion week, thinking about bygone eras in fashion. I love to see how the designers of today rework 60s colours and silhouettes into something new.

Images by @tristenwilliams

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