This week we talk to local Vancouver artist Victoria Sieczka who has designed the colourful poster for the Fall Winter 19 season of Vancouver Fashion Week set for March 18th-24th.


Can you introduce yourself and your work to our audience?

My name is Victoria Sieczka, I am an artist living in Vancouver. I specialize in mural painting and digital illustration.

How do you describe the style of your work? You have a very eye-catching signature style, is this something you developed over time? Has your style changed a lot?

I’d like to think of my work as very bold and bright. I like to use eye catching colours and use thick graphic lines. I have been slowly developing this style as I mainly focused on traditional drawing in university.

Where do you get your design inspiration?

I get my inspiration from graphic novels, fashion and music. I like my work to incorporate a lot of how I was feeling at the time.


Can you talk us through your creative process? What’s the proportion of hand drawing to digital that you incorporate into your creations?

I usually sketch my ideas out on paper and then draw them on my iPad or use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. For traditional paintings I usually sketch them out digitally and then sketch out the design on a wood panel.

You utilise symbols in your designs, are you interested in objects and meaning?

I like to give symbols different meanings by placing them with unlikely imagery. I do come up with compositions a lot purely for aesthetics as well.

What are some quirky projects you’ve worked on?

I painted a shallow pool last August for Vancouver Mural Fest’s Park Show. I also did a cool bus wrap with Granville Island for Artsmash and painted a mural as well.

Artsmash at Granville Island

Tell us about your workspace- What are the key qualities for you to get in the flow state.

All I need is a clean desk, a cup of coffee and some good music.

What is your current obsession?

Gold Jewelry and the band Broncho.

What are your favourite places in Vancouver?

My favourite places in Vancouver are Cartems, Antisocial Skateboard Shop and Static Jupiter.


What upcoming creative projects can we look forward to seeing from you?

I have a solo show opening at Slice of Life on April 18th, 2019 and I play bass in a band called Frankiie – we are touring a bit of the US in March and England for three weeks in May.


Thank you Victoria for giving us an insight into your creative practice. Check out more of Victoria’s incredible artwork on her page:



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