we talk with French blogger and influencer Amandine Schmitt about her style


My name is Amandine and I have the soul of a traveler. I moved around often in my childhood because I’m lucky to have a military dad. I traveled in a lot of countries and I had the opportunity to live the French adventure show called ‘Kohlanta’ in 2016, it’s a survival game better known as ‘Survivor’. Since then I have kept traveling, every time I have the opportunity I take it.

Beyond my adventurous side, I love fashion. I live in the north east of France and the mentalities tend to differ according to the regions, but in Strasbourg I am able to adapt my style (rock, Parisian or boho) according to my moods.

My style essentials are blue jeans and black leather pants that I love to accessorize with a beautiful belt, a handbag, a pair of mules, or pretty boots.


For me, the French style is elegant and chic but never shocking. When I’m outside of France I allow myself a sexier style, lighter while remaining elegant and natural. I love wearing a crop top or lace top with denim shorts or a flat skirt and accessorise it all with a cute handbag, hat and/or sunglasses.

I started a travel blog ( that I intend to expand with fashion articles. I take care to incorporate my different outfits in each of my Instagram posts. This is so I can share the way my style changes through every country I visit. I always let myself be influenced by the atmosphere of the countries that I am in.

Some people take direct style inspiration from others, and you can appreciate this better when you yourself become a reference. Fashion really is a connection between people which is why I’m so drawn to it.

We loved hearing about Amandine’s story, and we’re definitely inspired by her Parisian style.

Make sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her travel blog. 

Thank you, Amandine for taking the time to talk with us! 

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