MM: Can you introduce your brand and yourself in a few sentences? 

We are operating THE MONGOLIANCHOPPSSS by 2 designers, KIMIHIKO ANDO & KENTA YAMAMOTO. We started the production of ZINE in 2011, then we officially began the dressmaking with seasons theme from 2014. Our design is based on the  expressing our impressions 「Having fun」 with the” pride of being Japanese”.


MM: Can you describe your creative process?

We normally starts the process of dressmaking from small talks. Images of dressmaking that we would like to make next is coming up with talking so many random things. We reconcile those images into one image, seeking words for next seasons, then we make collections which is based on the words at the end.

MM: Where do you find inspiration in your day-to-day life?

We are inspired by 「spontaneous affairs in a daily life」 such as commuter trains and small talks, getting inspirations except for fashion stuff happens a lot to us. When it comes to our designs, we get inspirations by used clothes many times. We look around thrift shops in the U.S. and Japanese recycle shops in japan periodically in order to look for another stimulus.


MM: What kind of questions do you ask yourself when you begin creating a collection?

When we start making collections, we sometimes ask to myself whether 「Are we actually having fun」 during productions, so our concept for collection is we can’t entertain other people, if we don’t enjoy it on our own.

MM: How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

We don’t evolve, but our passion is swelling up in progress.


MM: How do you find working as a designer in Japan? Has the culture/surroundings affected your design aesthetic? Do you feel connected to your home?

We were born in Japan and living as Japanese, so we don’t think any specific or special things as designers  who active in Japan.


MM: What sparked your interest in fashion design?


MM: How did you learn the business of fashion?

Both of us graduated at the apparel academy. Even though we had experienced as shop clerks, we established our brand with no idea about branding. We are getting helped by a variety of people,  managing our brand and speculating ideas day by day on our own so as to keep our operation appropriately.


MM: What is your favourite part of being a designer? What drives you to design?

We put our heart and feelings as a design of clothes and we can get empathy and opinions from those who wear them and we can do it indirectly.

Fashion has the opportunity to be touched by everyone, it is the privilege of the designer that is involved in it, I think that it will lead to rewarding as well.

MM: What is the inspiration behind your S/S19 collection to be showcased at Vancouver Fashion Week?

It is a personal part of Japanese people.

For example, a humble posture and a serious posture. . .

Thank you for telling us about your journey into fashion design. We can’t wait to see THE MONGOLIANCHOPPSSS show at Vancouver Fashion Week for the SS19 season.

Follow THE MONGOLIANCHOPPSSS on Instagram @themongolianchoppsss and check out the website http://themongolianchoppsss.com/.

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