I’m Alexanne Wagner, an actor, producer and fashion content creator. I reside in Los Angeles and have French Canadian roots. Style is a priority for me and I create content to highlight my personality through affordable yet stylish finds, showcase those high end vintage gems and those investment pieces I’ll pass down to my kin. Style means a whole a lot to me, I’ve always had a deep passion for fashion and live by the quote “Dressing well is a form of good manners” by Tom Ford.

The majority of my content is shot around the historic streets of Los Angeles. I live in one of the most famous cities in the world and love all the unique little nooks I find. I scout locations while I’m running around town and will write the street names in my notes to go back there later to shoot.

I have a bit of an east coast style that makes me stand out in the west. I’m obsessed with fall fashion (which is odd since I was born in the summer and it’s always so hot here). I really feel that I bloom in the fall. From trench coats, to knee high boots, leather jackets and panty hose, I love it all.

Though when I travel, I recognise the style of the city i’m in and adopt it into my wardrobe while i’m there. Like the Romans said “Veri vidi Visa!” I came, I saw, I did a little shopping!

Or maybe that was Tom Ford too. But really, embracing the fashion while I’m in a new place is fun and helps me take a deeper dive into the local culture.EMBED BLOCKAdd an embed URL or code. Learn more

Thank you Alexanne, you’re one of our favourites! French Canadian meets L.A cool, we love your style. Readers follow Alexanne here @alexannewagner.

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